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Who We Are

We are a company with more than 13 years of experience. We are specialists in structures, scaffolding systems, and vanguard with international certification.

We give products and services to different sectors. Mostly in the following areas: Industrial, Construction, and Events. Our experience and trajectory had led us to work with the highest standards in quality and safety.

We are present throughout the whole Chilean country. We have national and international recognition which had led us to open a Branch office in The United States, Florida.

“Our goal is to solve the necessities of our clients giving them the optimal solutions in the shorter possible time. That is our commitment.”

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In RPC Group we carefully and efficiently take care of every stage of the process. Our team is specializing at a high level so we could guide you from the beginning of a project until its fulfillment. Carefully we supervise every technical aspect of the field always prioritizing safety.


It highlights the capacity of answering, the supplies, and solutions for the industrial sector.

The applied engineering in our systems allows us to give a fast, safe, and versatile service. That is why we are prepared to accomplish big challenges with high levels of safety.

For unscheduled maintenance, we help the client to solve the problem that has come so they can return to production as soon as possible.


Our large path and experience giving efficient solutions allow us to answer in a certain way to the demands and complexities of each project.

Our team had developed in multiple contexts that allow them to apply their knowledge and experience, doing the job with efficiency. The inactivity space has a high cost, that is why we take our time to understand every project. Starting from the needs to every particular requirement, so from there we can design better solutions.


We have operated the setup events for more than 13 years on the national and international market. This has placed us as key stakeholders in the local market.

We are experts in design, mounting, and solutions to demands in massive events. Our estimated time of response allows us to give solutions to every requirement and to support our clients with complete certainty and trust.


At RPC Group we take care of accompanying our clients in each part of the process. We offer an integral service, which addresses all aspects of the Design, Leasing, Inspection, and Maintenance of scaffolding systems. We have a wide and varied stock of products with international certification along with a team of specialized professionals.



We have a high-quality scaffolding system, also technology certified internationally. We have a large supply capacity to meet high demands. We highlight our dispatch logistics, which are aimed at responding in the shortest possible time. In addition, there is the possibility of picking up from our facilities or delivery to the field.

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– Multidirectional Scaffolding Systems
– Facade Scaffolding
– Covering systems
– Temporary Access
– Mobile Towers
– Falsework



We accompany our clients throughout the development process of their projects, providing comprehensive advice on the current safety standards. The Design stage is key to optimizing your resources and project. For this, we have professionals who will help them materialize your ideas, always safeguarding all aspects.

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– Detection of needs with the client
– Design
– Planimetry
– 3D Modeling
– Structural Analysis
– Planification and logistic
– Technical Assessment
– Evaluation and post-sale meetings



We create alliances with our clients and take care of their needs. We have the necessary infrastructure and equipment to carry out various operations around the administration of scaffolding.

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– Operation
– Storage
– Maintenance
– Sales


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3 de November de 2022

Learn basic scaffolding safety precautions

Like all work at heights, the erection and dismantling of scaffolding involves risks, not only for the people doing the work, but also for the general public. According to the…
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6 de June de 2022

RPC Group US

Contar con nosotros es contar con rapidéz, seguridad, eficiencia y economía. Todo lo que andas buscando para hacer realidad tus proyectos.
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6 de June de 2022

RPC Group US

En RPCGroup tenemos para ti un mundo de soluciones en andamios, sin importar el sector industrial / minería / infraestructura / construcción.
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6 de June de 2022

RPC Group US

Ya no tendrás que elegir entre fiabilidad, rapidez de montaje o seguridad, nosotros te aseguramos cada una de ellas.
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